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bookcover Albuquerque in Our Time Debra Hughes


Albuquerque In Our Time, 30 Voices, 300 Years

Santa Fe: Museum of New Mexico Press. 2006. Print. by Debra Hughes. Albuquerque, New Mexico, a city astride a great river, celebrates its tricentennial with thirty of its most colorful citizens sharing in their own words memories of a place and time after the Second World War when a modern city’s character and landscape were being shaped…


book cover Walking the Twiligh Contemporary Fiction by Southwestern Women Writers
“With Fire.” Walking the Twilight

Contemporary Fiction by Southwestern Women Writers. Ed. Kathryn Wilder. Flagstaff: Northland Publishing, 1994. 183-190. Print.

bookcover Debra Hughes Tierra Contemporary Short Fiction of New Mexico
“Edna’s Pie Town.” Tierra

Contemporary Short Fiction of New Mexico. El Paso: Cinco Puntos Press. 1989. 201-211. Print.


Debra Hughes writers harbrace handbook
“Tucson Shootings: Words and Deeds.” Rpt. in The Writer’s Harbrace Handbook

Ed. Cheryl Glenn and Loretta Gray. 5th ed. Boston: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 2013. 151-154. Print.

Literature of Nature: An International Sourcebook.

Debra Hughes referenced in Bounds, Suzanne and Swartz, Patti, “Women’s Resistance in the Desert West.” Ed. Patrick D. Murphy. Chicago, London. Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers. 77-83. 1998. Print. Web.

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